1. The lines Dr. Shaw yells “What did we do wrong? Why do you hate us?” really banged around my head for awhile. whoa.

    Also, meeting our maker IN ORDER TO QUESTION HIM and get “answers” from Him (i.e. make Him accountable to us?) verses knowing Him and worshipping Him and thanking Him for His creation and His invitation to join Him… someone could run off with the concept of how we approach the unknown.


  2. My biggest complaint of the movie was when at the end Noomi’s character is writhing around on the floor and you’re supposed to be overwhelmed with terror and emotion and she sobs, “Sorry, Charlie” and I just bust out laughing. I doubt they were going for the irony of the tuna commercials. maybe that’s lost on most people, especially in the UK?


  3. Apart from the fantastic review itself, my favourite line was “Those who enjoy hunting for sermon illustrations at their local multiplex will find handsome pickings in Prometheus.” Classic!
    Can’t wait to see the movie now.


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