The Final Apologetic

“Men are so absorbed in the affairs of the world that God, the Supreme Reality, seems unreal to them. When that which is least real is everything, that which is most real appears to be nothing.

The Christ who once died now lives and reigns. The Holy Spirit, whom He sends to believing hearts, is the connecting link between our faith-experience and the historical foundation of our faith. Without the Cross and Resurrection, there would be no Christian experience at all.

The historical facts make the experience possible, while the experience verifies the facts.

Christian experience is the final apologetic of the Christian faith.”

(Daniel Lamont, The Anchorage of Life, quoted in Iain Murray, The Undercover Revolution, 78)


  1. I talk to friends about Jesus most days. I know lots of apologetics and it’s interesting.. and humbling that one of the most powerful ones I have seen over the years with my friends is what my friends see in my life about the reality of Christ lived out. I have one friend I have been sharing the gospel with consistently for about 15 years and he is now close to becoming a Christian it seems and the things that have struck him over and over seemed to be the cost of discipleship he saw lived out in my own life. A challenge to the Lord not being someone we just know a lot about but we are actually relating with on a day to day basis and allowing him to change us and lead us in life.


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