Can I Really Trust The Bible?

…is the title of my new book. It’s part of The Good Book Company’s “Questions Christians Ask” range, and it’s now available to order in the UKin the USin Australia and in New Zealand.


“I wish I could have read this years ago when I was struggling to know if I could trust the Bible. Clear and compelling, Barry Cooper packs in a huge amount, but with wonderful readability. This needs to be widely distributed.” (Michael Reeves, Director of Union and Senior Lecturer, WEST)

“If I were teaching an Introduction to Christianity class that the whole planet had to take, I could see assigning this text. Well illustrated, well written, well reasoned, an excellent intro to God’s most excellent book.” (Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director, 9Marks)

“Barry Cooper has given us a wonderfully rich and concise introduction to what the Bible says about itself and why we should trust it as God’s word. This will be a great resource to share widely.” (Sam Allberry, Pastor and Author)

“Whether you’re a long-standing Christian or just beginning to explore the Christian faith, Can I Really Trust the Bible? will give you good reasons to pick up the Bible with confidence. It’s a model of clear and engaging writing.” (Dr Tim Chester, Director of Porterbrook Seminary)

“Diamonds are clear, multi-faceted, and captivating. Barry’s book is a true diamond! Its clarity and brilliance make a complex subject simple, understandable, and fun to read.” (Judy Dabler, Founder, Live at Peace Ministries)

“This is one of the best series of books on the market in the UK right now. So easy to read, accessible and practical. This one is right up there as one of the best. Excellently written, clear, concise and just about the best introduction you are going to find on the reliability of the Bible. Really, really good. This is going to be so helpful for our ministry within the schemes.” (Mez McConnell, Director of 20schemes)

“The beauty of this little book isn’t merely that it explains what the Bible is, but that it does so in a way that stirs up awe and a desire to immerse oneself in God’s powerful written words. Read this, and you can’t help but be moved to “taste and see” that those words are good.” (Amy K. Hall, Stand To Reason)

“Barry Cooper has given us straightforward and thoughtful answers to a seriously important question. Read this book and learn what the Bible really says about itself, and be equipped to answer today’s common objections to its trustworthiness. I really love this book and can’t wait to get it into the hands of the people I serve.” (Amy Wicks, Women’s Worker, St Helen’s Bishopsgate)

“Warm and witty, concise and compelling, this is a delightful and easily digestible primer on why we should trust the Bible. An excellent tool for equipping a new believer or engaging a skeptical friend.” (Bobby Jamieson, Assistant Editor, 9Marks)

“Simple without being simplistic. Accessible and logical, Can I Really Trust The Bible is a persuasive defence of the Bible’s own claims. At the same time, it also manages to be heartwarming and affirming. Not only was I reminded of what solid grounds we have for trusting the Bible, I was reminded that I love it too. I will be giving copies to members of all the congregations with which I work.” (Andrew Holt, Covent Garden Talks, Euston Area Talks, and Associate Minister of St Paul’s Harold Hill and St Thomas Noak Hill)

“Concise, easy to read and informative. Barry Cooper has written a superb resource to begin to answer questions that many Christians struggle with about the Bible.” (Becky Miles, Biblica)

“You have questions about the Bible. Barry Cooper has answers. I’m so grateful for this brief yet somehow comprehensive survey of what Scripture itself and the great scholars throughout history say about the reliability of God’s Word. Read it to bolster your own faith and share it with friends so they, too, might taste and see that the Lord is good to give us his Word. A wonderful book.” (Collin Hansen, editorial director, The Gospel Coalition; author, Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists)

“Today’s arguments against Scripture need today’s answers. With clear thinking and good humour Barry Cooper addresses intellectual and historical objections. But also, more pressingly, he explores the personal and moral concerns commonly raised in evangelism. Most importantly, this book dispels the ignorance surrounding the Bible and urges us to taste and see its goodness for ourselves. An excellent book to read and pass on.” (Glen Scrivener, Evangelist)

“Far too many books about the Bible are boring. In this down-to-earth, easy-to-read book, Barry Cooper speaks directly to the reader and answers the questions they might be asking in a language they understand. A great tool for getting to grips with what the Bible is all about.”
(Chine Mbubaegbu, Head of Media & Communications, Evangelical Alliance)

“This little book by Barry Cooper offers an outstanding primer on the Bible’s reliability.” (Douglas A. Sweeney, Professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

“Can we really trust the Bible? Is it really God’s Word to us? Does it really matter? These eternally important questions must be addressed, and Barry Cooper’s concise work does it masterfully. In these pages he wisely and winsomely helps us consider issues that our family, friends, co-workers, and fellow church members are wrestling with when it comes to trusting the Bible. This presentation of evidence, apologetics, and engaging questions will encourage the reader to trust the Bible, but even more, the One who gave it to us.” (Garrett Kell, Lead Pastor, Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia)

Here’s the trailer.

Order Can I Really Trust The Bible in the UK, in the US, in Australia or in New Zealand.


  1. Your Tap-esque trailer was enough to give that little push over the cliff and buy your book. Indeed, the cover could be none more yellow.

    Grace to you, brother.

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