Luther: In Real Time

I’ve been working on this since last year with a hugely talented dream team: Rupert Wickham is playing Luther, Douglas Bond is writing, Rob Jorgensen is doing sound design, and John Campbell is composing the music.

This is definitely one of those podcasts it makes sense to subscribe to before it launches, because the episodes will be released on irregular days.

30 episodes, starting October 10th. You can subscribe (and get more info) via this page.


  1. Really enjoying the podcasts, even after only two episodes. Great production quality, delivering a vital historical story.


    1. Thanks Eric. I’ve enjoyed being immersed in Luther’s world. Question is… what would be a good subject for another “real time” podcast?


      1. Found this podcast last week and really enjoying it.

        As for another “real time” idea, perhaps Bonhoeffer would be an interesting subject?


  2. The podcast has been fantastic! In just a few minutes you capture the time and person perfectly. You and your team have done a great job, thank you for such a quality production. I do hope this is the start of future subjects. Thank you again….James


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