Free Access Keys for Discipleship Explored Online!

Hey gang. We’re really excited about launching Discipleship Explored Online. And today I’m giving away five free access keys, each good for one year. (Usually $50 each).

Here are some of the responses we’ve had from people running DE:

“From worry and contentment to thanksgiving and trust, you dealt superbly with life’s toughest issues and communicated God’s word beautifully. Thank you for providing me with strength, clarity and direction.”

“A word of thanks for the work on the Disciplehip Explored course. 50+ currently doing it here. Beautifully written, presented and filmed.”

“I love using Discipleship Explored! The study material always generates both lively discussion but also profound growth in understanding.”

Author Tim Chester adds that “the session Righteous in Christ on Philippians 3:1-9 is superb. We all said afterwards that we should watch that ten-minute episode at least once a year because it encapsulates the truth of justification so well and applies it so powerfully. I showed it again last week to another group and it was as good as I remembered it being.”

If you’d like to experience DE Online, tweet a link to this blogpost including the hashtag #DEOnline. (Just use the “Tweet” button below). You’ll be entered into a draw, and the first five out of the virtual hat win a key.

Winners to be announced next week!

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