D. A. Carson on “The god of Open Options”

At The Gospel Coalition’s recent National Women’s Conference, Don Carson picked up on an article of mine about “The god of Open Options“, originally published in Christianity Today under the title “Imprisoned By Choice”.

Interesting. It seems this is still a thing. Would you read a book on the subject, and if you did, what what would you like to see on the contents page?

You can watch Carson’s full address here.

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  1. Nice! It does seem like you could get more mileage out of the topic. Because of its convicting nature though, I feel like you might have a wider readership with a series of articles rather than a book (IMHO). But if it were a book, I’d be interested to hear your take on:

    -Trading in for a better model (relationships, gadgets, cars, churches)
    -People as commodities (social media)
    -But I’m not sure I’m called to that (serial short term missions, choosing a ministry)

    -Personal “happiness”
    -Choose life.

    (Hope this is along the lines of what you meant!)


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