Why Discontent is Foolish (Part IV)

We’ve been delving into Jeremiah Burroughs’ The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. Here’s his fifth and final reason why discontent is foolish: 

5. It makes our affliction a great deal worse than otherwise it would be.

It in no way removes our afflictions, indeed, while they continue, they are a great deal the worse and heavier, for a discontented heart is a proud heart, and a proud heart will not pull down his sails when there comes a tempest and storm.

If a sailor, when a tempest and storm comes, is perverse and refuses to pull down his sails, but is discontented with the storm, is his condition any better because he is discontented and will not pull down his sails? Will this help him?

Just so is it, for all the world, with a discontented heart: a discontented heart is a proud heart, and he out of his pride is troubled with his affliction, and is not contented with God’s disposal, and so he will not pull down his spirit at all, and make it bow to God in this condition into which God has brought him.

Now is his condition any better because he will not pull down his spirit? No, certainly, abundantly worse, it is a thousand to one but that the tempest and storm will overwhelm his soul.

Thus you see what a great deal of folly there is in the sin of discontentment.

Incidentally, the Kindle version of the book is still available for 77p, and the print version isn’t much more. Highly recommended.


  1. Just went to see the play version of Screwtape Letters last night. not to be confused with the music video. or the podcast. anyway, it was a good reminder of how our enemy’s favorite weapon is pride. Gets us every time. I need to re-read Screwtape. read it in college but alot of life has happened since then… and I’ll bet I’ll get a lot more out of it in hindsight. sigh.


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