12 Days Of Christmas

Thank you for visiting Future Perfect in its first year.

The first post of 2011 will carry details – and a trailer – of the shadowy project I’ve been working on these past seven months, so I hope to see you back safe then.

As a little parting gift (courtesy of Apple), you can download some free music, movies and apps every day between 26th December and 6th January.

Snag the iPhone/iPod/iPad App here.


  1. As my gift to you, you must see ‘Of Gods and Men’. Guardian reviewer says it’s ‘stunningly passionate and deeply moving’, and he’s right.


  2. Thanks for nudging me on that, Anon. I read the blurb in last week’s The Week, and it was on my mind to go and see it, before I got myself buried under tinsel and last minute panic buying. My Dad has said that he’s up for a bit of French cinema, but only if we go and see Unstoppable first.


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