That’s Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About Me

A post alerting (both of) my loyal readers to the weak theology of contemporary praise songs is a little like Ricky Martin’s announcement of his sexual orientation. No-one will be surprised, and everyone will wonder if it even needed saying.

However, not being one to turn down free tickets to anything, I recently found myself at the Hillsong United concert at the Sears Center in Chicago.

Let me say from the outset that I have no desire to call into question the sincerity of either the performers or the 9000-strong crowd, 8999 of whom were really enjoying themselves.

But if I told you that I had met a certain special someone, and you asked me why I loved her so much, only to find me pretty much unable to answer – except to repeat a vague mantra about how much she loves me – wouldn’t you be right to question the depth and quality of the love I profess? With the best will in the world, would you not wonder what this love was founded on? And how long it would last?

If you’re a songwriter, and Jesus is precious to you, tell us why. What is it about Him that so draws you to Him? What is so significant about His life, His death, His resurrection? What makes Him unique? What happened at the cross? Why exactly did He have to die for you?

I’m not married. But if God ever grants me a wife, and she one day asks me why I love her, I hope for my own physical safety I’ll say something less self-absorbed than, “Because you love me.”

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