Philip Larkin has had something of a rough ride since his biography was published posthumously in 1993. I remember sitting in the back of a car with a well-respected Australian churchman who was absolutely horrified when I admitted Larkin was my favourite poet. I felt like I’d been caught shoplifting.

“You know why you hid in that ditch?” So begins the haunting conversation between Lieutenant Ronald Speirs and Private Albert Blithe in HBO’s Band of Brothers. Blithe quietly explains why, the night before, he had hidden himself rather than engaging the enemy.

This looks very, very good. Earlier this year I ran Tim Keller’s Prodigal God DVD with some friends in downtown Chicago. It had the habit of unsettling even inveterate Christians with the truth about God’s grace. The follow-up from the same brilliant creative team is The Reason For God DVD.

A post alerting (both of) my loyal readers to the weak theology of contemporary praise songs is a little like Ricky Martin’s announcement of his sexual orientation. No-one will be surprised, and everyone will wonder if it even needed saying. However, not being one to turn down free tickets to anything, I recently found myself […]