Christianity Explored (Book, With Rico Tice)

Christianity Explored (Curriculum And Film Series, With Sam Shammas and Rico Tice)

Christianity Explored English Made Easy Edition (Curriculum, With Stephen J. Nichols, Sam Shammas, Rico Tice, Sue Woo)

CY (Curricula, With Sam Shammas)

If You Could Ask God One Question (Book, With Paul Williams)

Discipleship Explored (Curriculum And Film Series)

One Life (Revised Version of the Christianity Explored Book)

The Real Jesus (Booklet)

Christianity Explored (Curriculum And Film Series, Version 2)

Jesus: Who, Why, So What? (Booklet, With Carl Laferton)

CY (Curriculum, Version 2)

Can I Really Trust The Bible? (Book)

Life Explored (Curriculum And Film Series)

Luther: The Life And Legacy Of The German Reformer (Documentary, As Presenter)

Cooper & Cary Have Words (Podcast, with James Cary)

Discipleship Explored (Curriculum And Film Series, Version 2)

Puritan: All Of Life To The Glory Of God (Documentary)

Simply Put (Podcast)

Church: Pillar And Ground Of The Truth (Documentary)